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How we built our Model Training Engine

At Foursquare, we have large-scale machine-learning problems. From choosing which venue a user is trying to check in at based on a noisy GPS signal, to serving personalized recommendations, discounts, and promoted updates to users based on where they or … Continue reading

Foursquare Native Auth on iOS and Android: Developers, connect your users more quickly than ever

A few weeks ago we were excited to announce one of our most-wished-for features from our developer community, native authentication for iOS, and today we’re happy to announce we’ve also shipped support for native auth on Android in our latest … Continue reading

Machine learning at Foursquare

In March, I spoke at Queens Open Tech about machine learning at Foursquare. The talk gives a nice overview of the kinds of insights we have about human behavior from check-in data and our machine-learning setup. Learn how we used … Continue reading

Quattroshapes: A Global Polygon Gazetteer from Foursquare

Foursquare geographic infrastructure relies on numerous pieces of open geo software: PostGIS, GDAL, Shapely, Fiona, QGIS, S2, and JTS as well as open geographic data: OSM,, US Census’ TIGER, Canada’s geogratis, Mexico’s INEGI and EuroGeoGraphics to name a few. … Continue reading

Load tests for the real world

The gold standard for systems performance measurement is a load test, which is a deterministic process of putting a demand on a system to establish its capacity. For example, you might load test a web search cluster by playing back … Continue reading

Native app integration like never before: The Foursquare for BlackBerry 10 SDK

Yesterday, BlackBerry announced their first BB10 devices. We here on the BlackBerry team at Foursquare are really excited about the launch and wanted to give our awesome third party developers something to help them get the most out of Foursquare … Continue reading

The Opportunity Gap: learn about the public schools in your neighborhood with @ProPublica and Foursquare

As our recent hackathon showed, there are tons of ways that developers can use Foursquare to power amazing apps – from ones that shame you into going to the gym, to others that alert you to restaurants with health code violations. … Continue reading

A Foursquare Hackathon for the new year – sign up and build the next amazing hack!

And take two! Although Sandy foiled our hackathon plans in November, we’re back and ready to hack it up with the best and brightest. On January 5, we’re inviting developers and designers in NYC, SF, and everywhere around the world … Continue reading

MongoDB at Foursquare: From the the cloud to bare metal

We’ve been running Mongo as our main storage engine for almost 3 years. For most of that time the Mongo servers and all the rest of our infrastructure were hosted on Amazon’s EC2. We recently migrated the Mongo servers onto our own … Continue reading

Even more ways to personalize Foursquare – check out the latest additions to our app gallery

Want to know if there’s a teaser after the movie credits, or the healthiest dish to order at a restaurant? There are a bunch of apps you can connect to your Foursquare account to help you make the most of … Continue reading