The Opportunity Gap: learn about the public schools in your neighborhood with @ProPublica and Foursquare

As our recent hackathon showed, there are tons of ways that developers can use Foursquare to power amazing apps – from ones that shame you into going to the gym, to others that alert you to restaurants with health code violations.

Today, ProPublica, an award-winning investigative journalism site, is relaunching its Opportunity Gap news application, which helps people find and compare statistics about public schools across the nation. With their new Foursquare integration, you can connect your Foursquare account to instantly see statistics for schools you’ve checked in to before. And when you’re out, you can instantly get stats about a school on your phone whenever you check in to one. It’s a great example of how news organizations can use Foursquare to reach their readers with relevant information when they’re out in the real world.


Learn more about The Opportunity Gap and connect your Foursquare account here.