Checking in at the movies? Here’s how to never miss an after-the-credits teaser again.

The latest addition to the connected apps gallery is a perfect example of how a little bit of information at the right time can make all the difference. Now when you check in to a movie on foursquare, Mantas Vidutis’s After Credits can let you know if there’s something worth sticking around for after the credits roll.

Here’s how to never miss a teaser, blooper reel, or Avengers shawarma-eating-sesh ever again:
1. Click here to connect the After Credits app to your foursquare account. You can also find it in our app gallery online or from the settings page in the foursquare app.

2. The next time you’re at the movies, be sure to check in on foursquare with the flick you’re seeing.

3. After you check in, scroll down to see messages from your connected apps. After Credits will let you know if you should sit tight for something awesome! You can tap on the message for more details.

To connect more apps that add information to your check-ins (like the healthiest dish to order, The Weather Channel forecast, or interesting people you may know nearby), check out our app gallery. We’ll be adding our favorite new apps here as we lead up to our full release in a few months.

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