Monthly Archives: July 2012

Say hello to FSNetworking: A Small Networking Library for iOS and Mac

The iOS team here at foursquare is pleased to announce a new open source networking library, FSNetworking. The code is released under the Apache License, version 2. Back Story For almost two years the foursquare iOS application depended on ASIHTTPRequest for … Continue reading

Conference fiend? Check out Lanyrd, a connected app for conference-goers!

Every week or so we’ll be featuring a new connected app in the lead up to the full launch in early fall. If you’ve built an app that makes use of the new features, don’t forget to tell us about it – we … Continue reading

Some homemade @foursquareAPI Connected Apps hot out of the @foursquare hq oven

While we were building out the Connected Apps Platform, we couldn’t resist the urge to write a bunch of apps on our own. Some are pretty silly, some are useful, and some are just a first step towards all the … Continue reading