Monthly Archives: June 2012

Let’s connect? (And you thought we’d never apps.)

Developers, we’ve had a pretty thrilling relationship these last few years and we think it’s finally time to take the next big step. No more users needing to carry state between our applications, no more Push API calls without a … Continue reading

Our Hadoop stack at foursquare

Recently, we hosted the NYC Hadoop Meetup at foursquare HQ. To the over 100 in attendance, we gave an overview of our Hadoop stack. In case you couldn’t make it (or want to take a second look at the slides), here they … Continue reading

Stability in the midst of chaos

I gave a talk at MongoNYC (video here!) about how we’ve built resiliency into our Mongo clusters on top of a volatile hardware environment. We currently run all of our hardware infrastructure on top of Amazon’s EC2 platform. EC2 has allowed … Continue reading