Monthly Archives: December 2011

Show and Tell: MongoDB at foursquare

On Friday 12/9, @cooperb gave a talk at the MongoSV 2011 conference covering our experiences deploying MongoDB on Amazon Web Services, including some of the operational tricks we use to keep our database servers highly performant. Watch the video: The … Continue reading

Websites are clients, too!

Historically, our API and our website have shared code and lived in the same binary (Scala, Lift), but in many other ways they were developed independently, with the API focusing primarily on the needs of our client teams. The site … Continue reading

Redesigning the developer website

Earlier this week we launched the redesign of, a project I’ve worked on for the past two months as part of my internship on the platform team. Above: our redesigned developer site On my first day, Akshay, our platform … Continue reading