Moar stats in your Merchant Platform API

Ever since we first launched our Merchant Platform API, a lot of people have been asking if they can get more programmatic access to the data they see in their Merchant Dashboard. Today, we’re doing just that. Our Merchant Platform API now includes all the data from the dashboard:

You can use the venues/stats API endpoint to get the data behind these charts and graphs for any venue you manage over any time range, all in an easy, programmatic fashion.

We’ve also opened up access to daily check-in counts and new visitor counts through the venues/timeseries API endpoint. A similar endpoint is also available for your campaigns, providing not only daily check-in counts, but also daily views and unlock counts for the specials you’re running. These endpoints will soon be available for use with venue groups, too, so you can see aggregated stats across any subset of the venues you manage.

Have fun integrating foursquare stats into an existing dashboard, or even build your own custom one. And if you own a business, be sure to claim your venue on foursquare to gain access to these statistics and more!

Jason Liszka, software engineer