Monthly Archives: August 2011

Slashem: A Rogue-like, type-safe Scala DSL for querying Solr

Slashem is our new spiffy Rogue-like type-safe* DSL for querying Solr. If you are curious about Rogue, we’ve talked about it in some of our previous blog posts (launch, Going Rogue, Part 2: Phantom Types). Solr is an open source … Continue reading

Moar stats in your Merchant Platform API

Ever since we first launched our Merchant Platform API, a lot of people have been asking if they can get more programmatic access to the data they see in their Merchant Dashboard. Today, we’re doing just that. Our Merchant Platform … Continue reading

foursquare’s data and the Explore recommendation engine

On Thursday, 7/28, @benlee gave a talk at the Check-in and Waffles developer event at foursquare SF covering our unique data and the Explore recommendation engine. Take a look: Foursquare Data and Explore Final If you love data as much … Continue reading