Welcome to the foursquare Engineering Blog!

Welcome to the foursquare Engineering Blog! Over the past two years, we’ve built out a system to handle millions of users, thousands of requests per second, and dozens of check-ins per second. We’ve also grown the team from two engineers to close to thirty. While doing this, we feel like we’ve gotten to the point where we’ve done enough interesting work that we’d like to share some of it with the world. So we’ve started this blog to talk about some of the tools and techniques we’ve developed at foursquare HQ.

Over time you can expect to read posts on scala, lift, mongoDB, amazon web services, the foursquare API, building an engineering team, testing, provisioning, deployment, analytics, and whatever else we think might be fun to share.

Keep an eye on this blog for posts about interesting projects we’re working on.

– Harry Heymann, foursquare engineering lead