Monthly Archives: January 2011

Going Rogue, Part 2: Phantom Types

In the last post, we introduced Rogue, the type-safe DSL we implemented for writing queries against MongoDB. In this post we’ll extend QueryBuilder to support query sort ordering, while making sure we can’t build any nonsense queries like this: Venue … Continue reading

Rogue: A Type-Safe Scala DSL for querying MongoDB

Rogue is our newly open-sourced, badass (read: type-safe) library for querying MongoDB from Scala. It is implemented as an internal DSL and leverages the type information in your Lift records and fields to keep your queries in line. Here’s a … Continue reading

Welcome to the foursquare Engineering Blog!

Welcome to the foursquare Engineering Blog! Over the past two years, we’ve built out a system to handle millions of users, thousands of requests per second, and dozens of check-ins per second. We’ve also grown the team from two engineers … Continue reading